About Ir Sciences

What does Ir stand for? Irradient? Iridescent? Irregular? Ironclad? Irreversible? Irrepressible? Irrefrangible? Did we have to Google the last couple? You bet your buttons. Truth be told it stands for what ever you need it to stand for, it's a fluid concept; a concept we believe in very much at Ir Sciences.

Fluid and Free. Forever.

If you weren't already aware, we love stuff. Stuff is the best. We just want to make stuff that others can use, enjoy, and appreciate and we want to make stuff available to as many people as possible. That means free. And who doesn't love free stuff.

Why? Because we can. And you're the best and you deserve it that's why. Now get out there and  start making some neat new stuff, you crazy kids.

Ir Sciences

Ir Sciences was born in a brain blast while stationed in Vicenza, Italy with the US Army. It was originally intended to host the everyBODY application but rapidly developed into a personal project site to share what ever I could with the world. 

I've long been a fan of the Open Source community and love everything about it. The community coming together to produce such incredible quality products; that is what Ir Sciences aims to do, contribute a little bit more to the world to develop a more interesting future.