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Welcome to the Ir Sciences Laboratory where we bring Mad Sciences to the Masses. Browse our current projects here.

bodyWATCH Application

Part of the everyBODY app suite, this is the first app under development. Currently being developed under Tizen for the Samsung Gear, this application aims to provide simple ways to manage how you work out.

You can find the code for this app along with the everyBODY code below.

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everyBODY Application

Currently only being developed for Android the everyBODY application aims to make wholesome living interesting by allowing you to challenge your friends to complete your favorite healthy routines be it exercise or diet, or however you choose to stay hale.

Find out more about the project at these links:

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Ir Sciences Community

This project is right here, we're trying to build a community dedicated to building things. In the future this laboratory is intended to develop into a breeding ground for powerful minds to churn out bright new ideas.

Stay tuned for the Ir Sciences Laboratory Community Prototyping platform as it is developed.